Loved BY FAR The Accessories Label To Lust After

Established by twinnies Valentina and Sabina, along with their bestie Denitsa, BY FAR is the footwear and accessories label that has rocketed in the success-o-sphere in only two years.

BY FAR campaignBY FAR

Contemporary and cool, with a hint of the nostalgic courtesy of the square toe shoes a la Rachel from Friends and croc embossed baguette bags. You’ll want them all, as do the celebs and there’s tons of them from Kylie Jenner to Michelle Obama and all the girlies in between.

BY FAR campaignBY FAR

What’s in the name you’re asking? Well it derives from the names of the founders’ three little boys, who are, naturally, by far their greatest source of pride. Today, the girls split their time between Australia and Europe.

BY FAR designersBY FAR


What was your first fashion memory? Our generation was the odd one that was raised between the fall of the Communism and the rise of the Internet. Our admiration for fashion was what we saw our mothers wearing, since choice was scarcest each of them were creating their own garments with the resources they could find or buying from the International store with the little dollars they could get. Most of the kids were wearing the same cloths, those dark brown chinos and wool coats; the same goes to our toys, they were made of wood and rubber, very rarely one could see pop-up colors such as pinks and purples. At that time, we didn’t consider ourselves cool and we wanted to have those girly toys and cloths. Now we have great appreciation for our childhood memories, because it was very unique and different. Indeed, all those textures and pallets are considered the epitome of minimalism and chicness, it has driven our perception for style. After the fall of the communism in 1989 came the golden era of the 90s elegance, where we first felt the freedom for more choice and expression of style. We still admire icons such as Carolyn Kennedy, Winona Ryder and Sofia Coppola. Therefore, that decade continues to be the source for inspiration for us.