The Best Accessories From The 2018 Derby Day

Derby Day 2018.

When it comes to spring racing outfits, the devil’s in the details.

On top of the bespoke dresses and designer fits, trackside outfits are made or broken by the styling. Whether it’s the right headwear—traditional hat or modern headpiece? Fussy or sleek? Matching or contrasting?—or the choice of shoes, accessories are everything.

So, of course, when it came to the first day of Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival, Derby Day, we put a close lens on the particulars. Taking note of those trackside—Team ELLE is set up inside the ELLE Lounge at the Birdcage—we tracked hats, headwear, bags, shoes and jewellery.

No accessory left unnoticed. Promise.

Photography by Danielle Castano.

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