Mumbai fashion designer has close shave with death after 10ft rod pierces windshield of car

Jogeshwari flyover accident

Rinku Jain and her cousin Rashi (in yellow) were travelling in an Uber when the accident took place.

It was a lucky escape for Mumbai-based fashion designer Rinku Jain after a 10-foot iron rod fell on to her cab and smashed into the car’s windshield.

The accident took place when Rinku Jain, a fashion designer who owns a shop in the Goregaon suburb, was travelling with her cousin on Mumbai’s Westen Express Highway. Her cab was passing under a flyover at Jogeshwari when the 10-foot rod came flying out of nowhere and smashed into the car’s windshield.

The sharp-edged rod missed hitting Rinku Jain, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat next to the driver, just by a few inches. Her cousin Rashi was sitting in the back seat.

A team of the Mumbai Police was patrolling nearby and rushed to the spot. The police has begun an investigation into the accident.

Cops are looking for CCTV footage to determine how the rod ended up crashing into the car. It is suspected that the rod may have come from a construction site near the accident spot.

Recalling her narrow brush with death, Rinku Jain said, “On Tuesday I had to go town [South Bombay] side for urgent work. I had a lot of costumes and other materials to carry with me. My car was not working so I decided to take an Uber. We booked the cab from Goregaon. I was accompanied by my cousin Rashi. As there was a lot of material in the car, I was sitting in the front seat next to the driver.”

Jain also said, “While we were passing through the Western Expressway, a rod came smashing down on the windshield of the car bang opposite the SRPF [State Reserve Police Force] ground. The rod could have pierced through my nose… it was that close. I was numb and it still scares me to recall the incident. We need development but not on the cost of someone’s life.”

Rinku said, “My life was saved by just inches. I can never forget what happened.”