€20 and under: The best animal print jewellery the high street has to offer right now


And then there are others more naturally inclined towards block colours or neutral shades, who may host a decidedly more tame collection of clothes.

If you fall into the latter camp and aren’t inclined towards animal print clothing, but do want to inject a little more jungle into your wardrobe, then accessories are generally the way to go.

It is, however, fair to assume you mightn’t want to splash too much cash on an aesthetic you’re not entirely sold on yet – even if it is merely an accessory – so we’ve picked our favourite animal print jewellery for €20 and under.

Leopard print

Gold colour leopard design ring pack €13

PastedImage-23559Source: River Island

 Leopard Necklace €16

PastedImage-29755Source: Oasis

Gold colour leopard circle drop earrings €13

PastedImage-57296Source: River Island

Snake skin

Gold colour brown snake print buckle bracelet €17

PastedImage-27001Source: River Island

Snake Print Hoop Earrings €13

PastedImage-83341Source: Topshop

Snake Inlay Hoop Earrings €20

PastedImage-21147Source: Topshop

Zebra print

Zebra Hoop Earrings €10

PastedImage-99641Source: Oasis

 Zebra Stud Tassel Earrings €5

PastedImage-91903Source: Boohoo

Gold Zebra Print Disc Drop Hoop Earrings €6

PastedImage-90330Source: Pretty Little Thing


Long Earrings €9.99

PastedImage-79998Source: H&M

Tortoiseshell Resin Earrings €13

PastedImage-82490Source: Warehouse

 Brown Tortoiseshell Resin And Gold Disc Necklace €7



Source: Pretty Little Thing