Sunset makeup for eyes

Sunset makeup for eyes

Summer is just around the corner which means brunches, parties and beach vacations. It is time to dust off those breezy outfits and bring out the sun glasses. While summer brings with it an abundance of excitement, it is also time to keep your trends in check. One of the latest trends taking the beauty world by storm is the gorgeous and regal sunset makeup that lets you experiment with warm hues of yellow and orange.

This eye-catching makeup look blends in vibrant orange with warm yellow in a gradient texture to reflect the vibe of sunsets during summer. Predominantly an eye based make-up trend, sunset look is a multi-tonal look which gradually diminishes from dark shades to light shades. Vanlalmuanpuii – stylist and brand trainer at Green Trends Unisex Hair and Style salon, shares different sunset eye

makeup to brave Summer 2019:

Simple black lined sunset eyes

Party after work? This simple black lined sunset is the perfect work-life balance that we all crave for. Best suited for both the occasions, one can simple achieved the look by sweeping the eyelid with a striking hue of light gold as the base colour and blend it with a brighter orange. Complete the look with a sharp, defined winged liner and add lashes for that dramatic finish.

Dusted sunset smokey eyes

Who doesn’t love smokey eyes? But only this time instead of darker colours, this sunset smokey eye makeup lets you experiment with lighter peachy-orange hue on the inner corners of the eye working into a darker, brown tone on the outer corner and cut crease. This is a classic for a reason as it suits every skin tone and every occasion.

Shining star sunset makeup

A perfect look for summer night party, shining star sunset makeup speaks bold and glam at the same time. A wonderful blend of golden-bronze with a mix of metallic shades, brightens your overall look in no time. To pack in that extra punch, use a moist brush to blend a light gold metallic shade with warm colours of brown, orange and yellow in a gradient manner to achieve this look. Don’t forget to add a metallic star beneath the lower lashes to glam it up a notch.