Ten Standout Makeup Looks from ‘Euphoria’

HBO’s breakout hit series Euphoria is making waves across pop culture not only for its controversial raw and intense plot, but also for its stunning beauty looks. After receiving carte blanche from series creator Sam Levinson, Doniella Davy, the show’s lead makeup artist who has prior experience working on Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk, and Under the Silver Lake, crafted a host of compelling looks. Each character has a unique identity and aesthetic, but her work blends beautifully together for a cohesive portfolio as a whole. Davy often makes evocative references through her work, ranging from Instagram inspiration to the cult classic looks of the ’90s. The maximalist, artistic creations truly show how a visual element like makeup can enhance the complexities of a plot, and Davy’s work so far has us excited to see what’s in store for season two. Below, check out ten glamorous highlights from the hit show.

Rue’s Shining Eyes

Lovingly dubbed a “sad clown,” Rue and her mental dilemmas shine through with triangles of sparkles underneath her eyes.

1565278442182374 rue
(Photo: Playback / HBO)

Jules’ Colorful Eyeshadow

With a penchant for intense, bright hues, Jules always sports a dramatic look sure to garner a lot of attention. This watercolor painting for the eyes is a true work of art.

1565278442437997 daniela 1
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)

Cassie’s Romantic Eyes

Orange-red lips paired with bright, powerful eyeshadow make this look a standout for Cassie.

1565278442718005 doniella 2
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)

Maddy’s Stunning Rhinestones

With a dramatic cut-crease, dotted lines of gems, and purple hues across the eyelids, this masterpiece is eclectically elegant.

1565278442975590 doniella 3
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)

Jules’ Abstract Pops of Color

Bright neon pink lashes and black accents around the eyes depict strong emotions in this striking, bold look.

1565278443227266 hbo 2
(Photo: Playback / HBO)

Kat’s Accentuated Features

Red and black, shades that match the intensity of the character’s personality, dominate this makeup look. Crosses hang below her eyes for an eerie finish on an already haunting creation.

1565278443469523 doniella 4
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)

Maddie’s Vintage Homage

Bright eyes with a graphic outline and red lip give Maddie a classic vintage look, referencing both Twiggy and Taxi Driver’s Iris all with a modern touch.

1565278443716109 doniella 5
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)

Kat’s Purple Mouth

This purple lipstick is definitely hard to miss, outshining a dramatic smoky eye to visually highlight Kat’s emotinal journey.

1565278443992211 hbo 3
(Photo: Playback / HBO)

Golden Jules

Pink details took the golden aluminum foil of Jules’ graphic eye look to a whole new level.

1565278444285327 doniella 6
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)

Lexi’s Bob Ross Transformation

Lexi completely transformed into Bob Ross, abandoning all of her usual appearance except for one key detail: her colorful nails.

1565278444534624 doniella 7
(Photo: Playback / Instagram @donni.davy)