Great cheap accessories for all the stuff you bought on Black Friday

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I’ll admit it — I’m glad Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rear view. Because although there were some colossal deals this year, it’s exhausting to sort, track and share them all!

That said, you cannot imagine the Herculean efforts of countless CNET writers and editors, who’ve been doing all that sorting, tracking and sharing for weeks. To say this was a team effort is an understatement. I was a tiny cog in the much greater Black Friday machine, and my fellow deal finders deserve a ton of credit. (And a beer — next round’s on me!)

Before we dive into today’s deals, which are all about improving the products you might have scored during the past few days, let me pause to talk about charity. Today is Giving Tuesday, and even if your wallet is empty, you can support worthy causes without spending a dime. Please consider helping those less fortunate. It’s much quicker and easier than you think.

On to business. Did you score an awesome new toy during the sale madness of the past couple weeks? Let’s talk about some accessories you might want to add — and some surprisingly cheap ones at that.

Don’t overpay for a phone case; anything over $10-15 is probably too much.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It doesn’t matter if you spent $200 or $1,200 — the first order of business is a case. Because, let’s face it, gravity happens. Here’s what you shouldn’t do: Buy an expensive case from Apple, AT&T, Verizon or some other retailer. You may have bought your phone there, but cases are best sourced elsewhere.

My advice: Hit up Amazon and Ebay. Just search for cases for your phone model and you’ll find a dizzying array of choices. Hard cases, soft cases, clear ones, colored ones and so on. Even better, you’ll find lots of them priced around $10-15 — much better than the $30-50 you’re likely to pay in store.

Read more: iPhone XR cases: 4 cheap alternatives to Apple’s $40 one

Of course, putting your phone in a case doesn’t guarantee 100-percent protection against pavement encounters. The best protection is not dropping your phone in the first place, which is why I continue to champion Phone Straps (formerly Ninja Loops).

See it at Phone Loops

A mere $5 buys you a stylish strap that attaches to just about any phone case. Once you get accustomed to sliding your fingers underneath it, you’ll find it much easier to grip your phone — and you’ll be much less likely to drop it.

This remains one of my all-time favorite products. It makes a great gift, too, which is why you should buy at least three (which bags you free shipping).

You bought a Nintendo Switch

Switch deals were everywhere this year — and often quite fleeting. Now that you have the console, though, you might want to consider a couple accessories — starting with a mobile charger.

The Switch relies on a USB-C input, though you don’t necessarily need a power bank that has a USB-C output. Those tend to cost a bit more, though they have the advantage of recharging your console more quickly than a standard 5V USB-A port.


Looking for some indie Irish jewellery or accessories? Here’s all the best Black Friday offers

BLACK FRIDAY SALES are in full swing. We’ve rounded up some of the best fashion and beauty deals over here, but of course you’re gonna need some accessories to go with that.

With that in mind, here are a bunch of Irish-owned jewellery and accessory businesses giving offers on Friday and over the weekend.

Chupi – Chupi have a Black Friday offer which they aren’t revealing until tomorrow, but if you have your eye on a piece you might want to wait around.

Custom Vintage – They’re offering 15% off all jewellery today, and 20% off everything online tomorrow.

Glitz n Pieces – You can get 20% everything from Friday until midnight Monday with the code BLACKFRIDAY. Feeling v patriotic looking at this lil Ireland necklace.

PastedImage-76721 Source: Glitz n Pieces

Juvi Designs – Get a free star bracelet worth €79 with a purchase over €79.

PastedImage-85570 Source: Juvi Designs

Lilywho – Lilywho do really lovely pieces and are offering 20% off everything excluding sale items on Friday using the code BF20 until Monday.

Loulerie – Loulerie is that fancy jewellery shop on Chatham Street and they’re offering 20% off everything from midnight tonight until midnight Monday.

Love of Luxe – You may have seen these personalised wallets or purses all over your fave’s Insta, now it’s your chance to get one with 40% selected products.


Best Accessories for Lenovo Yoga C930

Lenovo’s Yoga C930 is a 13.9-inch convertible laptop with a premium build and performance hardware inside. Its 4K touch display, rotating soundbar hinge, and all-day battery life contribute to a well-rounded PC experience, but you can certainly add some accessories to make a day with the C930 easier. Whether it’s extra connectivity, padded protection, or a larger display, you should find something worthwhile.

Thunderbolt 3 dock

CalDigit TS3 Plus

Plug in with Thunderbolt 3 and get an extra 15 ports for your laptop, including five USB-A 3.1, two USB-C 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2, Ethernet, and two Thunderbolt 3. You’ll be able to easily connect all your peripherals, including multiple monitors, and the dock will charge your laptop at up to 85 W.

From $310 at Amazon

USB-A hub

Anker slim 4-port

This tiny USB-A hub multiplies the single USB-A port on your Yoga C930 by four, and it’s small enough to fit into your pocket when you’re on the move. Transfer speeds can hit 5 Gbps thanks to USB-A 3.0, and its relatively affordable price makes it extremely popular for anyone who has a lot of devices to connect.

$10 at Amazon

Wireless mouse

Logitech MX Master 2S

It has a smart ergonomic design, plenty of buttons, comfortable input, and your choice of connecting with Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz USB dongle. Link the mouse with three devices simultaneously for quick switching, and enjoy precision tracking with Logitech’s Darkfield sensor. Battery lasts for up to 70 days and charges quickly when it finally runs out.

From $71 at Amazon

Wireless keyboard

Logitech K380

Using your Yoga C930 as the centerpiece of a workstation usually means you’ll want an external keyboard. The Logitech K380 is a quality wireless option that remains relatively cheap, bringing a comfy typing experience for all-day users. Keys are cupped, there’s ample travel, and you can connect to three devices for quick switching.

From $28 at Amazon

27-inch monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2719D

Grab Dell’s UltraSharp U2719D external monitor for a larger 27-inch picture that hits 1440p. It has almost no bezel, color is deep, and it’s quite thin to help save room on your desk. An 8ms response time provides a snappy image, and you can connect with DisplayPort or HDMI.

$456 at Dell

External SSD

Samsung T5 portable

If hard-disk drive (HDD) speeds seem too low, an external solid-state drive (SSD) should be a much better choice. Get up to 540 MB/s read and write speeds, connect with a USB-C or USB-A port, and slip the small drive into your pocket when you head out. Sizes range from 250 GB to 2 TB, with prices rising accordingly.

$100+ at Amazon

Laptop messenger bag

Timbuk2 Command

The Timbuk2 Command is a messenger bag made specifically for safely toting around a laptop alongside a bunch of other gear, thanks to a 22-liter size and smart pocket design. It’s available in a ton of different colors, it’s made from durable polyester that keeps out the elements, and it has durable aluminum hooks to keep things closed up tight when on the go.

$68+ at Amazon

Laptop sleeve

Tomtoc 360

The Yoga C930 has a sturdy aluminum build, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to drops and scratches. This zippered sleeve from Tomtoc has thick padding around all outside edges and corners and has a polyester finish to keep out water. A zippered pocket on the front holds your smaller accessories.

$24 at Amazon


Best tablets and accessories for holiday gifts

Image result for Best tablets and accessories for holiday gifts

If you’re still thinking of tablets as strictly for media consumption, games and email, it’s time to take a fresh look at what the latest models can do. Sure, they’re still great for entertainment, but they can also function as simple laptops for getting home office tasks done, too.

Disclaimer: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

If you’re buying for an Apple fan, you’ll have to stick with the company’s iPads ($386 at Amazon). The good news there is there tends to be quite a few good deals on them during the holiday shopping season. Those serious about getting work done, though, should consider something from Microsoft’s Surface line or similar tablets running Windows 10 ($150 at Amazon). And be sure to factor in the cost of a keyboard cover if you want to type; most are sold separately and cost upward of $100.

And don’t forget about Android tablets. They’re great for entertainment and can be significantly cheaper than both their Apple and Windows counterparts.


Gift Suggestions For Boyfriend

Shopping for plus size wedding dresses shouldn’t cause more stress and weariness. All brides in order to look their best on their wedding working. And with a superb deal of attention being paid to the wedding dresses, it’s understood that your great deal of along with effort must be focused on searching ideal gown. Plus size wedding dresses are not regular gowns like beach wedding garments. Finding your dream bridal gown shouldn’t be frustrating. Instead it ought to a regarding fun!

For a low neckline dress, you have to have a demi sports bra. This type of bra keeps your bra hidden under the outer dress when you should do certain aggressive dance turns. Its cut-away style in order to to reveal more cleavage and chest skin and yes, it is great for dresses with low cut neck.

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You may also go almost all of purpose gift baskets that contain cute stuffs such as teddy bear, pillows, animal stuffs for example. there’s nothing be concerned regarding your budget. It’s since do get what you spend for. Unlike individual items, buying personalized gift baskets can assure 100 percent satisfaction for parents and babies. More often, gourmet gift baskets are effortlessly pink or blue. It’s up your to buy! Aside from single gift baskets, there likewise packages for twins. Incorporate paired stuffs like slippers, diapers, ABC’s and different cuties.

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