Great cheap accessories for all the stuff you bought on Black Friday

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I’ll admit it — I’m glad Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rear view. Because although there were some colossal deals this year, it’s exhausting to sort, track and share them all!

That said, you cannot imagine the Herculean efforts of countless CNET writers and editors, who’ve been doing all that sorting, tracking and sharing for weeks. To say this was a team effort is an understatement. I was a tiny cog in the much greater Black Friday machine, and my fellow deal finders deserve a ton of credit. (And a beer — next round’s on me!)

Before we dive into today’s deals, which are all about improving the products you might have scored during the past few days, let me pause to talk about charity. Today is Giving Tuesday, and even if your wallet is empty, you can support worthy causes without spending a dime. Please consider helping those less fortunate. It’s much quicker and easier than you think.

On to business. Did you score an awesome new toy during the sale madness of the past couple weeks? Let’s talk about some accessories you might want to add — and some surprisingly cheap ones at that.

Don’t overpay for a phone case; anything over $10-15 is probably too much.

Sarah Tew/CNET

It doesn’t matter if you spent $200 or $1,200 — the first order of business is a case. Because, let’s face it, gravity happens. Here’s what you shouldn’t do: Buy an expensive case from Apple, AT&T, Verizon or some other retailer. You may have bought your phone there, but cases are best sourced elsewhere.

My advice: Hit up Amazon and Ebay. Just search for cases for your phone model and you’ll find a dizzying array of choices. Hard cases, soft cases, clear ones, colored ones and so on. Even better, you’ll find lots of them priced around $10-15 — much better than the $30-50 you’re likely to pay in store.

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Of course, putting your phone in a case doesn’t guarantee 100-percent protection against pavement encounters. The best protection is not dropping your phone in the first place, which is why I continue to champion Phone Straps (formerly Ninja Loops).

See it at Phone Loops

A mere $5 buys you a stylish strap that attaches to just about any phone case. Once you get accustomed to sliding your fingers underneath it, you’ll find it much easier to grip your phone — and you’ll be much less likely to drop it.

This remains one of my all-time favorite products. It makes a great gift, too, which is why you should buy at least three (which bags you free shipping).

You bought a Nintendo Switch

Switch deals were everywhere this year — and often quite fleeting. Now that you have the console, though, you might want to consider a couple accessories — starting with a mobile charger.

The Switch relies on a USB-C input, though you don’t necessarily need a power bank that has a USB-C output. Those tend to cost a bit more, though they have the advantage of recharging your console more quickly than a standard 5V USB-A port.


Floral Accessories You Will Love Wearing This Festive Season

Floral Accessories You Will Love Wearing This Festive Season

No matter what we have in our wardrobes, there is always room for accessories that can liven up any and every outfit. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, bangles or anything else, there is at least one thing that every girl finds herself favouring. We’re always looking for hidden treasures and amazing deals online; but when it comes to buying Indian accessories, one hesitates a little, right? Well, your days of worrying while buying accessories online are over. We’ve done all the spadework and have found you three accessories that are perfect for this festive season. Not just any accessories, though, we’ve gone the extra mile and found some amazing floral accessories that you will love wearing with your festive Indian outfits. Whether you’re heading for a mehendi function or looking for something to wear for Diwali celebrations, you’re sure to love something on this list.

We absolutely love these floral dangling earrings from Voylla on Flipkart. With their royal blue and white stones, these brass dangle earrings will make the perfect addition to an Indian outfit. This pair is priced at Rs 172.


Gift yourself a pair of sparkly gold coloured bangles this Diwali. This set of two gold plated bangles with sparkly gemstones is something you will truly enjoy wearing with your Indian ensembles. With its floral pattern, this pair of bangles is sure to win you compliments. It is priced at Rs 439 on Flipkart.


Liven up any Indian outfit with this striking floral earrings and necklace set available on Flipkart. This white and gold floral set is ideal to pair with a saree, lehenga or traditional suit. It is priced at Rs 471.



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